DELAYXETINE Oral Jelly for 100% Ejaculation Delay

Reduces the effect of premature ejaculation

Improves libido and makes you better in bed

Enjoy the energy ALL NIGHT

Eliminates impotence and erectile dysfunction

Works 100% guaranteed for every man

No chemical ingredients, no side effects


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How to use Delayxetine?

Use Delayxetine Oral Jelly to maintain normal body functions and to control ejaculation time. Each jelly of Delayxetine has an instant effect and is enough to increase your stamina, strength, sexual energy and to reduce your sensitivity and prolong your sexual experience 4 to 5 times. Satisfy yourself and your partner in bed! Delayxetine is practical and convenient to use, because of its small size you can carry it with you anywhere. It works by stimulating the blood flow into the penis and reducing the sensitivity in the gland of the penis, making you a real sex athlete!

You Want To Last Longer In Bed?


Recommended by doctors

No prescription   |   Clinically tested

   Doctor James Stewart recommends the jelly for premature ejaculation - Delayxetine

James Stewart

Associate Professor

I recommend Delayxetine to all of my patients because it has 100% proven effect, high quality and is a natural delaying aphrodisiac. It doesn’t cause any side effects and works for everyone.

Dr. Millie Stevens recommends r\the jelly for premature ejaculation - Delayxetine

Millie Stevens


Delayxetine is a clinically tested product, which is proven on the market. My opinion is that these jellies are very effective and I always advice my patients to order it and take advantage of its great effect.

Doctor Patrick Davidson recommends the jelly for premature ejaculation Delayxetine

Patrick Davidson


Delayxetine is a clinically tested product. From my long experience I conclude that every patient, who suffers from penile problems and premature ejaculation should be treaten with Delayxetine Oral Jelly.

A box of jelly for premature ejaculation Delayxetine with 7 sachets

Delayxetine - Content

Discover the ingredients of this completely natural product

The best formula for male potency: 100% ERECTION

Cl Cupid Labs Blend (Patented blend): The synergistic formula, developed by Cupid Labs Europe, which is a part of our oral jellies, is the strongest formula developed with powerful natural extracts of Passionflower, Oregano, Hawthorn, Rosehips, St. John’s wort, Tribulus, Pirin tea, Parsley, celery and Cotton Thistle.


The ejaculation delay jelly “Delayxetine” contains L-Arginine (600mg per 1 sachet), Passiflora extract (250mg per 1 sachet), Oregano (250mg per 1 sachet), hawthorn (250mg per 1 sachet), rosehips (150mg per 1 sachet), tribulus terrestris (150mg per 1 sachet), Pirin tea (75mg per 1 sachet), parsley (100mg per 1 sachet), St. John’s wort (350mg per 1 sachet), celery (200mg per 1 sachet) and Cotton Thistle (175mg per 1 sachet), which are all part of our synergestic formula for premature ejaculation developed by Cupid Labs. These are the main ingredients in Delayxetine and through them we want to offer you the best possible results with a real effect for the longest possible time!

each jelly contains Tribulus Terrestris extract


Tribulus extract has a strong positive effect on erection. This plant increases testosterone levels, stimulates potency and prolongs erection, improving the quality of sex.

each delay jelly contains Epinmedium extract


Icariin is the active ingredient in epimedium extract. This is the most efficient extracted compound from natural herbal plants. It is effective for improving sexual power and for providing you with more energy.

each jelly for premature ejaculation and better erection contains Fenugreek extract


Well-known as a spice, but with proven therapeutic benefits. This herb has an extremely beneficial effect on libido, enhances sexual power, improves potenzy and endurance.

each jelly Delayxetine contains L-Arginine powder


L-Arginine is an aminoacid, which is part of the proteins. It contributes to the accelerated synthesis of hormones and at the same time desensitizes the head of the penis allowing the sexual act to continue without ejaculation for a longer time.

each jelly for premature ejaculation contains St. John’s Wort extract


S. John’s wort is a herbaceous plant with exceptional healing powers. This herb helps with depression, wounds, burns, internal infections and so on. It is a strong aphrodisiac, which is very useful for premature ejaculation. Scientist have found that when combined with tribulus terrestris and cotton thistle, it is the strongest Viagra and an excellent source of energy.

each jelly for premature ejaculation Delayxetine contains Pirin tea extract


Pirin tea is one of the world’s most popular herbs, that has unparalleled healing powers. It is found predominantly in the Balkans, and especially in Pirin and Rhodopes. This plant contains a high amount of potassium and zinc, one of the most important elements , on which depends the quality of sperm, potency and endurance.

each jelly for more sexual energy contains Cotton Thistle extract


This is a plant that grows in Europe, North America and Asia. It is known for its beneficial effects on sexual power. This herb increases the tone of smooth muscles. It treats premature ejaculation, provides more resistance in bed and energizes the body.

the Hawthorn extract contributes to longer sex and better erections


Hawthorn extract is rich in nutritional bioflavonoids that relax and enlarge the arteries, which essential for erections. This plant contains strong antioxidants and increases blood flow to the body.

Parsley extract treats impotence and stimulates erections


There is no one who doesn’t know about parsley and its proven benefits for impotence. There are essential compound in parsley that irritate the prostate gland and stimulate erections.

Our clients’ opinions

Some of our satisfied customers have left their opinions for Delayxetine Oral Jelly below:

Jack from New York is happy  with the delay jellies

Jack, New York

Since I’ve been using Delayxetine jelly for premature ejaculation and erection improvement I’m like a beast in bed. Again I can satisfy my wife as she desirves! I am unstoppable. Thank you!

Christian from Los Angeles is satisfied by Delayxetine

Christian, Los Angeles

Before I had no seld-esteem. I had no desire for sex, but with the help of Delayxetine Oral Jelly for premature ejaculation and erection, I began to feel like a real man.

Toby from Chicago is satisfied by the jellies for longer erection.

Toby, Chicago

Since I started using ejaculation delay jelly Delayxetine, I have sex 3 times a day! My wife is very happy and finally gets a real orgasm.

George from Washington is grateful to the delay jellies Delayxetine

George, Washington

Some men are extra sensitive – well, I am as well. My ejaculations occured way too fast – I was desperate. I shared my problem with a friend and he recommended Delayxetine. The results are truly stunning!

Frequently asked questions

Which are the basic ingredients of Delayxetine?

Passionflower extract, Oregano, Hawthorn, Rosehips, Tribulus, Pirin Tea and L-Carnitine are the main ingredients of this synergistic formula developed by Cupid Labs EU. For a full list of ingredients, click here.

What is Delayxetine and how does it work?

Delayxetine Oral Jelly is a product, that has successfully passed clinical stusied by the Ministry of Health. Delayxetine guarantees increasement in the size of the penis, better firmness, prolonged erection, stimulated libido and better ability to delay ejaculation. Find out more about this here.

How long does it take to work?

Delayxetine oral jelly acts in 40 minutes after administration. It is easy to use: Just squeeze the content of 1 sachet in your mouth 40-45 minutes before sex.

Are there any side-effects?

The jellies for premature ejaculation “Delayxetine”don’t cause any side-effects, they are 100% efficient and natural, good for your health and without any chemical ingredients. This product doesn’t cause dependence and is not toxic.

How and When will I receive my order?

You will receive your order in 2-5 working days after confirmation in a discrete packaging. Nobody but you will know what does this package contain. The delivery price is included in the packet price and its free because of that.

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